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Strategic Creative Consulting, Content Creation, Identity Development, H Spencer Young, President.

"Swing State," feature documentary.

Written, produced and directed by Jason Zone Fisher, John Intrater, H Spencer Young

Distributors: Morningstar Entertainment & Snagfilm, Available on Netflix

World Premiere: 2008 Cleveland International Film Festival (One-day attendance record; premiered simultaneously in 2 adjacent sold out theaters.)


What a difference 8 years makes, in the life of a troubled nation, a battleground state, and an American family. All three meet head-on in the 2006 Ohio Governor's race, a campaign in which J. Kenneth Blackwell, responsible for "delivering" Ohio to George W. Bush in 2004, meets his match: Democratic candidates for Governor and Lieutenant Governor Ted Strickland and Lee Fisher. In "Swing State," the whole process is documented, with an intimate look at not only a critical fight in a key state, but also the experience of the Fisher family as they put it all on the line to avenge Lee's devastating loss for governor in 1998. A moving and dramatic family journey, highlighted by appearances from top politicos such as Bill and Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., John Edwards and John Kerry, "Swing State" shines a light on an American family campaigning to put the "heart" back in "heartland."