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Strategic Creative Consulting, Content Creation, Identity Development, H Spencer Young, President.

Chinese Vogue, "Hard"

Director: Kenneth Willardt

Director of Photography: Alex Di Suvero

Editor, VFX, Music Supervisor: H Spencer Young

Director: Kenneth Willardt DOP: Alex DiSuvero Editor/VFX/Music Sup: H Spencer Young

CFDA, "Accessories,""Womenswear," and "Menswear"

Director / DP: Marcus K. Jones

Editor / Sound Design: H Spencer Young

Director: Kenneth Willardt

Cinematographer: Kenneth Willardt

Editor: H. Spencer Young Visual FX: H. Spencer Young

Colorist: Drew Ravani, H. Spencer Young

Digital Services: B2Pro

Production: Pier 59 Studios

Music Supervisor: H. Spencer Young

Color timer: H Spencer Young

Director Lance Doty

Editor Charly Bender

Color Timer H Spencer Young

"After Fall, Winter"

Director: Eric Schaeffer

Colorist: H Spencer Young 


Outstanding Mind-Bending Basketball Synergy Machine

Director: Adam Hootnick

Colorist: H Spencer Young

Writer/director H Spencer Young

Winner, American Visions Film Festival 1996

Washington, D.C..

Copyright H Spencer Young 1996